Our Team

Grand Mike Klemme
Photographer / Entrepreneur
American photographer Mike Klemme has captured incredible images around the world for over three decades.
Perhaps best known for work on golf courses, Mike continues building that collection, while expanding his portfolio into other areas. Most recently he has built a thriving business that includes designing, printing, framing and installing his works to help companies and organizations brand themselves through art.

On commissions from individual developers and publishers, he has tackled assignments across the globe, producing work of such outstanding quality that many golf marketing professionals have come to regard him as the finest golf course landscape photographer working today. His aesthetic vision and knowledge of the subject matter are unlike those of any other photographer.

One of the most widely published photographers in his field, Klemme has contributed thousands of photographs to Golf, Golf Digest, Golf Connoisseur, The Golfer, Links, Travel & Leisure Golf, Golfdom, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, USA Today, Men’s Journal, The Robb Report, Cigar Afficianado and travel and inflight magazines. He has contributed to a number of books and published two, Celebrating Oklahoma! and Celebrating Enid! Mike is also a director Emeritus of The Academy of Golf Artists.

Mike is the entrepreneurial and artistic engine behind Klemme/Art, Klemme/Golf and Klemme/B2B. He leads our team with passion and attention to detail. He is our Photographer, Lead Designer, and (literally!) the big-picture thinker.

Suzanne Klemme
Director of Customer Services

Suzanne manages our office and handles day-to-day operations at Klemme Art.

Her 20 years as a classroom teacher, psychometrist and school counselor prepared her perfectly for her current job of multitasking among customer service, ordering, shipping, billing or whatever question you might have. Mike’s wife for over thirty years, Suzanne raised their three children while Mike traveled extensively during the 80’s and 90’s. She has been an integral part of the business for the last ten years.

Brett Klemme
Director of Manufacturing and Installations

Following his lifelong passion of all things construction, Brett oversaw the complete remodel of our manufacturing facility.

His years of experience running a successful construction business make him an invaluable asset to our company and our customers. Besides designing our corporate space, he selected all framing equipment and is always on the lookout for the next cool tool. He is responsible for our production area, where because of our system of standard frame sizes, we are always prepared to frame your prints as soon as they are completed.

As our Lead Installer, Brett brings creativity, incredible attention to detail and a belief that all things are possible to every job. You will never hear him say, “It can’t be done.” From small jobs to several –hundred-piece installations, Brett hangs each piece to laser perfection.


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