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  • “I appreciate the collaborative approach Mike took in selecting not only the perfect images for the facility, but their placements as well. Working with him was a true partnership and we could not be more pleased.”
    Center For Business Development

Want your art to be part of your branding effort?

Our Wallbranding service is available for those who would like to decorate their corporate, hospitality, healthcare or clubhouse environment with compelling imagery. We recently completed projects coordinating art for office complexes, corporate headquarters, banks, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, country clubs, resorts, hotels, convention and athletic complexes—all with rave reviews (link to testimonials).

Our turnkey service includes initial planning and image creation; space design; printing, matting and framing[link to matte/frame choices?] (all done by our staff in our 4,000 square foot production facility) and installation of the frames on your walls.

Expanding from photography into interior design projects was a natural
extension for our company several years ago. Photographer, Mike Klemme, has a longstanding love of architecture and realizes the importance of beautiful artwork for the overall ambience and livability of any structure. He personally reviews all floor plans and works with the developer, facilities manager, and /or interior designer to determine the ideal frame/matte combinations for the selected images to tell your story. One of his philosophies to is deliver something you will always remember.

Choose from an archive of nearly one million images from our collection, or commission images especially for your project, or a use a combination of the two. Our desire is to help you create a space that fits you, your taste, and your budget.

We rely on five essential resources as we work together to create the ideal space for you.


Understanding is the foundation of every successful design process. Our team listens to you to be sure we develop ideas that will fulfill your needs, satisfy your sensibilities, and happen within your budget. We will want to learn about your business, your customers, your employees and the traffic patterns within your facility. We need to understand the opportunities and constraints offered by your project and the economics that will drive our decision-making process. What we create will respond to everything we hear.


We have a lot to learn. We collect information about your company, the building, the intent of the architect and designer, and then imagine a satisfying plan. We consult with all parties involved to develop solutions to any special challenges. We test our ideas with you to see how they look and feel. Are we on the right track? Do we need to explore alternatives? Along the way, we learn to think and work together. We develop relationships to sustain your project and assure your comfort.

We produce a detailed floor plan with each artwork located on the map. Along with the map, we include a spreadsheet that lists location (by room) and size of every piece proposed within the plan. We build budgets that anticipate costs for every aspect of your art project from conception to installation on your walls. This helps you budget by project and also room-by-room. We offer phased installation of the artwork for larger facilities, if you prefer. Combined, these documents give you a visual map and an accurate budget from which to make decisions and build timelines.


Once we have learned details of your needs, our team can focus on searching for or creating custom artwork for your walls. We make sure every piece is appropriate for its space and audience. Once we have chosen our suggestions, we visit your site and SHOW you our plan. With our technology in hand, we display our proposed images onto the walls where they will appear in the size and shape that they will be framed. This has proven to be the best way to provide you with the ultimate confidence that the final installation will be exactly as they envisioned. Plus, it is fun and we can “test” other images until we find your perfect plan.


We find that careful planning always pays off. Clear plans allow us to proceed with confidence to complete your project. We use the same care and consideration invested in the design as we create your custom prints, frames, mattes and identity plates for each piece. Once the framed pieces are complete, we schedule a time to install, under the watchful eye of one of our artists. Prepare to be amazed at the transformation of your space!

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