Production Framing


To provide you a consistent, quality product, we do all frame production at our 4,000 square foot facility in Enid, Oklahoma.


In 2009, our team came to realize that as our production needs continued to grow, it became more and more difficult to coordinate our scheduling with outside vendors. We also found that if mistakes were made in during the production process, they were not discovered until the installation phase which became frustrating, embarrassing and totally unacceptable. We spent the next year studying equipment, processes, and efficiencies along with buying and remodeling our own 8,000 sf building to house our operation. We are now very happy with our working operation and are comfortable with manufacturing as many as 1,000 pieces per month. We have a much more efficient operation and can totally control each and every step of the process from a timing as well as a quality standpoint.


In our quest to develop our in-house production facility, we knew from the outset that we wanted to create a system approach that would fit with every client we dealt with across a wide variety of facilities and interior design criteria. We decided on a system of five sizes of images. We lean heavy upon the square format as this aspect ratio allows us to install long runs of images in a defined wallspace employing odd numbers of pieces. Whether it is a short wallspace that hosts three small squares to a 35’ long wall that allows us to place seven large squares, each given space can easily be “filled” by using odd numbers of square images. So, we offer a SMALL SQUARE, MEDIUM SQUARE and LARGE SQUARE size along with a large horizontal size we call a SMALL PANORAMIC,and fun size we call our EXTREME PANORAMIC, which is two feet wide and six feet long for special places. We have found in our dozens of installations that we can easily work with any situation by using just these five sizes. This sets us up with the ability to move pieces (as long as they are the same size) and exchange them for pieces of like sizes over time. This allows our customers to “freshen” their spaces and keep things new and lively. All of these system elements also allow us to keep things simple and efficient in the production phase as it allows us to buy only five pre-cut mattes, glass and prints to fulfill our orders. Saving much time, expense and avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes.


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